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I have a new link a new page everything is so new! I love it! But it's time to get to business. Pokmeon is my subject for this page. However this is only a base, I'm going to have many other links from this page that lead off to nearly anything pokemon you could possibly imagine. Some of these links include: Banned episodes, Crazy Facts you never thought you'd want to know, Pokemon game reviews, Current episode action, Pokemon Stuff and more! These links probably won't be ready until very long. This is because I'm going to get all the bases finished before I customize the links. Sorry! I will have some older series episodes and other cool videos I think you should see but for right now just bare with me as I struggle to get this wikia on it feet!
Pokémon - Gotta Know It All (1999 Promo Video)-0

Pokémon - Gotta Know It All (1999 Promo Video)-0

This is the first official Pokemon commercial from 1999!

I managed to find the first REAL Pokemon commercial. Its accually kinda funny, I didn't know in one episode some wierd psycic guy made Ash's pants fall down! Yikes and in front of Misty too! Talk about embarasing! Great, now I want to see lots of those episodes.

Ash is right though, "Who needs luck when you've got Pokemon?!" never heard a truer sentence about pokemon in my life. Well that's a lie I've heard truer sentences before... Anyways I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The Ash Ketchum you all know and love is really voiced by a woman! Three women accually. Intersted? If so make sure to swing by my new page titled "Pokemon Facts You Probably Dindn't Want to Know!" Available by Noevember 30, 2012! Have Fun!