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BEST How to Breed Topaz Dragon DragonVale! 2nd try-0

BEST How to Breed Topaz Dragon DragonVale! 2nd try-0

DragonVale wizards are always trying thier magic to bring as many new dragons as possible to dragonvale! The wizards have been busy because a new dragon has been brought to dragonvale! This page will show all the new dragons and give you the imformation you need to breed for them! On this page you will find new and recent links to new dragonvale dragons! Feel free to have a look around! My blog will keep you updated on all the gemstone dragons for thier months, you can trust me to give you a new gemstone breeding video each month guartentee! This months gemstone dragon is the topaz dragon remeber to get your topaz dragon before November 30, 2012, because it's going to leave stores for another year! It's breeding combo is cactus and firefly and it's breeding and incubation time is 30 hours. Good Luck!

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This part of the page is where you will be able to access the new dragon pages I post on my wiki. I will try to keep it as updated as possible, but please don't be angry if I'm a little late! The newest dragons WILL BE POSTED as soon as I find out about it. I promise that I will try my very best to keep you updated on the new dragons of dragonvale! Hope this helped! Good luck and happy breeding!

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