Welcome to the Everything Under the Sun Dragon WikiEdit

Welcome to the BEST wikia around! Though don't let the title fool you we're not all dragons! We've got everything from Pokemon to Animal Jam, to Dragonvale and Warriors Cats! But even though we're good we're not perfect! You can help, we encourage your posts and coments 100%! Come join in on the fun, on my wikia, Everything Under the Sun Dragon!

Eevee Evolution Party-0

Eevee Evolution Party-0

I thought this sort of suits me...I'm kinda new at this.

Welcome My Topics!Edit

Welcome to my wikia! I'm so excited to be doing this for you guys out there! I've always loved wikia and blogs, they're so helpful and I want to be helpful too! So I have a few things I want to go over before I have you pludge into Everything Under the Sun Dragon so let's not delay! First thing first my main things I'll be posting about, now keep in mind I'm very new to this so it's gonna be shaky. But we all gotta start somewhere! So my main topics are goign to be mainly based around the following: Pokemon, DragonVale, Warriors Cats, Dragon City, Animal Jam, and Viral Videos. So if these sort of things interest you I hope I'm going to be helpful over my time on wikia! I want to do my very best to please my viewers so feel free to comment and post about anythiong you need to tell me! And that's another thing. Posting comments, I really honestly support your ideas and comments but let's keep it semi-mild please. Be courtious and careful when choosing the words you post. Remember this website is available to ALL people so please, no matter how passionate you are over some conversational posts, please try to keep it appropriate! Another thing about comments. Please be nice to me, if you don't like the blog don't be mean about it. Instead of pointing out whats bad try giving me ideas and suggessions to make my wikia better. Your posts help me to be better at writing what the people want. So if the poeple want change, le the people tell me! Freedom to your readers! Now speaking of freedom, I know you're just itching to stroll down and start jabbing buttons to learn all there is to know about my wikia, so I won't stop you much longer! Just one last word before you finish reading this or decide to just scroll down and disregard everything I've just typed, please keep these rules in mind! Be careful about your words, be nice to me, if you don't like the wikia tell me in a gentle suggestive way, your comments help me so be sure to tell me what you think but nicely, and remember at all times to have fun! So I won't keep you waiting any longer, go on, explore my wikia, have fun and remeber to post nice and enjoy the free facts and videos I'm giving you! Chow!

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